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Martin Ellerby Founder of Yoga Republic


My name is Martin Ellerby and I'm the founder of Yoga Republic here in Manchester.

I took up yoga in my mid-forties, initially to give my ageing body some TLC but, after a while, I realised how beneficial it was for my mind, helping me to sleep better and improving my clarity of thought.

I decided to train as a teacher in 2021 and, not long after that, decided to set up Yoga Republic to offer simple yoga classes that everybody, regardless of flexibility, fitness or yoga experience could enjoy. Yoga is simple, it's just moving and breathing, and anyone can do it. See you on the mat!

The Yoga Republic Story

Having visited a number of yoga studios across Manchester city centre, I found some a bit too spiritual (I'm not a chanter!), too intense (I'm still terrible at remembering the Sanskrit translation of poses!), or too busy with customers crammed into a tiny windowless room. 

So I thought maybe there was space for another yoga studio offering something a bit different. 

I decided on Yoga Republic as I really want to get more people into yoga, a Peoples Republic of Yoga if you like! It's great for mind and body and really makes you think about what's genuinely important in life beyond consuming stuff and stuff consuming us. I just think if more people did 'the yoga' the world would be a better place...and it's such a simple practice that anyone can take up at any age.

So in Spring 2022 I opened the doors to Yoga Republic, offering simple yoga classes in a spacious studio with lots of natural lighting and panoramic view of Manchester city centre - no chanting, no sanskrit, no life advice.


Starting any business is tough and I've done my fair share of classes for just one person in the early days! But I knew the combination of values, location and studio environment was special and now find myself working alongside some amazing yoga instructors who share those values and we can't wait to see you on the mat.

Meet the Yoga Republic Team

Keeping Yoga Simple and Enjoyable.

Every studio might say it, but our teachers are great fun to practice with and, whilst they take yoga seriously, they aren't too serious about yoga! They'll challenge you to 'find your edge', but also encourage you to have fun and leave with a smile on your face!

Yoga Republic and Manchester Mind

Our Charity Partner in 2024

Manchester Mind logo

Every year we work with a charity partner and in 2024 we are supporting Manchester Mind.

When you book a class with Yoga Republic a percentage of your booking fee goes to support the invaluable work of this local independent charity - when you practice with Yoga Republic you not only look after your own mental health, you help others struggling with mental health problem across Greater Manchester.

Manchester Mind has challenged the stigma of poor mental health for over 35 years and been there for anyone in need. If you would like to know more about their work or how they could help you or someone you know, just click on the logo above.





A spacious yoga studio in the heart of Spinningfields, Manchester

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